Dust Control Systems

Dust Control Systems St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors has designed and installed many dust control systems across the St Louis, MO area. Many manufacturing companies across the St Louis area are using dust control systems. Some of the industries that use dust control systems are cardboard manufacturing, wood manufacturing, pipe cutting, sawing, or grinding processes. The dust control systems that are used are necessary in the production and manufacturing processes to many of these industries. To get more information on dust control systems, or speak with one of our engineers, call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at (314)664-3536.

Dust Control St Louis

Dust Control systems are complex mechanical systems that create environments in which production can be made easier and products can be developed correctly. Dust, in many cases, can provide a troublesome environment for productions to occur. Dust Control system work with a high static, high velocity fan connected to ducts and move the dust to a cyclone. The cyclone then separates the dust from the air, and the dust is then collected into a container that is placed at the bottom of the cyclone. The top of the cyclone is ducted to the exterior of the building. Our engineers can design a custom dust control system that best suits your company and it’s production. Call today to get a quote from Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at (314) 664-3536.

To get more information on Dust Control systems or to speak with one of our Engineers on designing, installing, or servicing any type of dust control system, call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at (314) 664-3536. You can also request a bid or request service for Dust control Systems from Hoffmann Brothers.