At Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors, our communications often focus on energy conservation, workplace safety and indoor air quality solutions. In observance of Red Cross Month, we’d like to remind our customers and partners about a few reasons the Red Cross is to be lauded for its advancements in disaster relief, blood drives and safety training.

About Red Cross Month: March

The month of March earned its designation as Red Cross Month, dating back to 1943 by U.S. President Franklin D Roosevelt.

As an integral part of the world’s largest volunteer network, the Red Cross spans 187 nations. The organization is also aligned with the Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Laws.

Over the decades the Red Cross has grown to be a 'consistent lifeline' for people and life changing causes around the world. Disaster relief, blood donation and supporting military represent a brief sampling of the Red Cross' commitment to humanitarian causes.

Why the Red Cross Is a Worthy Cause?

While mechanical engineers and technicians have to maintain HVAC-R certification, each year--the Red Cross is educating some 10 million people emergency skills, including CPR.

The Red Cross allots approximately 91 cents out of every dollar for humanitarian causes around the world.

Just as the Jefferson County license mechanical contractor, Hoffmann Brothers is concerned and accountable for workplace safety; the Red Cross fulfills a number of services to ensure proper blood processing protocols.

For instance, blood donors may contact a confidential, toll-free telephone hotline it they feel as though the standards in processing blood violate the U.S. Federal Drug Administration or the Occupational Safety Health Administration.

Whether it’s as a blood donor, volunteer, or to donate funds to the Red Cross, the foundation happens to play a vital role in the world's humanitarian initiatives, America's blood supplies and safety efforts.

About Jefferson County’s Mechanical Contractor, Hoffmann Brothers

Currently Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors volunteers and donates funds to a wealth of charitable cause around Jefferson County and St. Louis County. These foundations include Stray Rescue in St. Louis, USO Missouri, St. Louis Angel's Arms as well as the St. Louis Metro Homeless Center.

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We Design Commercial HVACs Built to Weather Comfort


Is your facility’s preventative maintenance program for your mechanical system proactive or reactive? A commercial HVAC’s performance should never interrupt a facility’s production, operations or safety. When it comes to managing risk, a commercial HVAC’s energy efficiency represents far more than the bottom line. A beneficial preventative maintenance program protects against HVAC-R equipment failure before it happens.


St. Louis Mechanical Contractor Explains Why HVAC Maintenance Matters

Health risks increase and productivity dwindles when a commercial building neglects preventative maintenance. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate specific indoor air quality (IAQ) standards.

On the other side of managing indoor air quality in the workplace, commercial properties also have to abide by specific energy strategic sustainability performance standards, delineated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“We provide preventative maintenance for roof top units, chillers, pumps, refrigeration, air conditioners, furnaces, water heating systems, to indoor air quality systems. Our preventative maintenance involves a comprehensive process, as employed by other members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE),” acknowledges a mechanical engineer licensed in St. Louis.

Preventative Maintenance Entails Many Moveable Parts

Comparable to a physical, where physicians examine patients for any indications of a chronic medical ailment, preventative maintenance involves a meticulous HVAC-R inspection. A mechanical technician will check all components for deterioration. Then replace defective parts to prevent HVAC system failure.


Please visit this web page: to review which HVAC maintenance program suits your commercial property in St. Louis City or Saint Louis County.

The Advantages of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for a commercial HVAC-R affords a modicum of safety. An engineer checks ventilation, air filtration systems and other for proper performance, wear and tear. Another resounding advantage of commercial preventative maintenance is system reliability. With more up time, heating systems function without hindering productivity.

Let us be your partner, advocate and mechanical contractor for energy conservation. Request a hassle free estimate on a commercial maintenance program; please call us today at 314-664-3536.


“We don’t condone alcoholism, under age drinking or driving under the influence of alcohol. But, we do support local breweries, craft brewers and winemakers. Pipe fitting design for brewing and wine production happens to be one of our specialties,” acknowledges a spokesperson of the mechanical HVAC firm, St. Louis Mechanical Contractors.

A History of Pipe Fitting for Breweries

The owner of the mechanical contractor company has a longstanding reputation for assisting breweries and craft brewers in beer production. Prior to becoming ‘the name recognized for upstanding commercial HVAC service in St. Louis County’, Robert Hoffmann worked on the mechanical systems for St. Louis’ original beer brewing icon, Anheuser Busch (

Anheuser Busch is not the only brewing company that Hoffmann Brothers has had the privilege to design and built pipefitting systems for. Among St. Louis businesses and even residential brewers, Hoffmann Brothers is a renowned specialist. Whether it’s for a pipe fitting design, to maximize production or to create a personal batch of artisan beer, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors simplifies the process for brew master and winemakers alike.

Because brewing beer involves various processes and temperatures, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors architected an extensive pipe fitting system for a microbrewery. With the objective to boost production, the St. Louis mechanical contractor had to design and build stainless piping, with a boiler, hot water piping, and chiller piping.

          Did you know?

          Home artisan craft brewers are welcomed to contact of Hoffmann Brothers for

          assistance installing a chilled pipe fitting at 314.664.3436.

A Commitment to Seamless Production and Energy Conservation

Most breweries and wineries necessitate a pipe fitting system, coalescing hot water piping, stainless piping, a boiler as well as a chiller water piping system. When the St. Louis based mechanical contractor designs brewery pipefittings, the company evaluates the building’s design, production objectives, safety specifications as well as energy efficiency.

If your production involves a complicated pipe fitting system, Hoffmann Brothers is a licensed pipe fitter of St Louis County, St Louis City and Saint Charles. Please visit to read more about how Hoffmann Brothers can simplify your production process.


Are you concerned about your building’s air conditioning system’s refrigerant? Does your light commercial AC use R-22? Has a mechanical engineer evaluated your commercial HVAC system for compliance of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Title VI of the Clean Air Act? Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractor reviews a few details to know about being compliant with new R-22 standards in Saint Louis.

About the EPA’s R-22 Guidelines

The EPA regulates the import of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and determines substitutes for phasing out ozone-depleting chemicals under the stratospheric ozone protection. These standards are defined in Section 612 of the Clean Air Act (CAA). Under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program, the EPA evaluates refrigerants for safety, health and ecological effects.

This year, the EPA is reducing R-22 consumption allowances by 57 percent. And by the year 2020, the agency will have a zero allowance of the R22 refrigerant. In the next four years, facilities in Saint Louis will need to do a little planning to remain in adherence with EPA’s guidelines.


Observing the EPA’s R-22 Replacement

Hoffmann Brothers recommends a three-prong approach in managing R-22. Preventative maintenance, tune-ups and checking for leaks are three basic approaches for maintaining a building’s commercial light air conditioning system.

With only five cooling seasons remaining before R-22 production expires in 2019, the DuPont™ ISCEON® MO99™ presents the easiest approach in replacing R22 for commercial air conditioning systems. Not to mention, St. Louis County commercial property owners can also monetize their air conditioning system’s R-22 through the DuPont Reclaim Program.

NOTEWORTHY: Commercial property owners of Saint Louis make the best of the EPA’s new ruling with the DuPont Reclaim program.

Further reading is available at for more information.

A St. Louis mechanical engineer says, “While converting your air conditioning system to the EPA’s new standards in the Clean Air Act, it is also an apt time to replace or upgrade mechanical HVAC’s that are no longer energy efficient and/or lacking in performance reliability.”

Contact a Saint Louis mechanical contractor at 314.664.3536 to implement the R-22 replacement plan at your commercial property.