Observing Fire Prevention Safety Week

Hoffmann Brothers, a preferred mechanical contractor of St. Louis County observes "National Fire Prevention Safety Week” with a few reminders.

“As a mechanical contractor of St. Louis County, we see HVAC-R systems in three spheres: safety, performance and energy efficiency. For obvious reasons, safety trumps all. In observance of Fire Prevention Safety Week, we're imparting a few safety reminders to operational managers, commercial property owners and other professionals.

ü  Maintain heating systems and monitor lit candles.

During the winter months, in particular, heating systems and candles are the cause of many church and funeral parlor fires.

Funeral homes, churches and other places of worship account for the highest rate of fires. Almost a third of fires at funeral homes and churches transpired between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:00 am, accounting for nearly two-thirds of direct property damage.

Preventative maintenance is one approach for preventing fires in commercial properties. Please dial 314.664.3536 to schedule preventative maintenance in St. Louis County for your building HVAC system.

ü  Maintain evacuation drills.

Try to coordinate evacuation drills with the local fire station. If a fire drill is unfeasible for your building be sure to familiarize everyone with the safety procedures. Review details such as exits, sprinkler systems, available stairwells, and other evacuation protocol.

ü  Cook with care.

The NFPA says that cooking related fires are associated with more than 66 percent of incidents at hotels, motels, nursing homes and boarding or lodging facilities. In fact, cooking triggers the foremost fires at hotels and motels due to the volume of food preparation. Commercial ovens and stoves necessitate regular maintenance.

ü  Decorate with safety in mind

Set candles, Christmas trees and other decorative items away from heating systems.

Candles are attributable for 1,270 injuries and $539 million worth of property damage, reported by the US Fire Administration (USFA).

VENTILATION FACT: There are approximately 10,000 fountain beverage systems which use carbon dioxide on-site. To prevent a fire or CO2 poisoning, make sure these systems are properly ventilated and without any leaks to or from the pipefitting and tubing connections.

Please visit the Missouri State Website for additional fire prevention tips.

"Let us check your mechanical HVAC systems (heating, refrigeration ventilation for fire prevention) in St. Louis County. Contact us here


Jefferson County Mechanical Contractor Commercial

Don’t let a mechanical, HVAC or plumbing problem stifle operations at your commercial property. In Jefferson County, Missouri, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors have been repairing commercial HVAC systems for decades. Because the mechanical contractor employs selective hiring practices, extensive mechanical services coupled with the founder’s unrivaled reputation, Hoffmann Brothers is Jefferson County’s preferred mechanical engineer.

Building engineers and their staff can manage many tasks for properties in Jefferson County. From cleaning public areas, building maintenance to scheduling repairs, a commercial building’s HVAC system is off-limits to custodians. Fortunately, Hoffmann Brothers, a mechanical contractor provides at least 10 mechanical services and repairs for Jefferson County commercial properties.

Air cleaners and purification systems. Maintain good indoor air quality with Hoffmann Brothers preventative maintenance, air cleaner installation.

Chillers. The technology of chillers is becoming quite energy efficient. Consider a mechanical contractor, whose technicians are required to uphold continuous education and training.

Clean rooms. In certain manufacturing environments, a properly designed clean room is equivalent to productivity, safety and energy conservation. Hoffmann Brothers’ extensive expertise enables pharmaceutical and other workplaces to design clean rooms, according to the environmental parameters.

Commercial refrigeration system. For restaurants, grocers and other food distributors, a commercial refrigeration system reigns at the top of the priority list. Walk in coolers, walk in freezers, ice machines, and exhaust fans represent an abbreviated menu of Hoffmann Brother’s mechanical services.

Humidifiers. An exacting humidity level leverages productivity in certain manufacturing and industrial environments. Regardless of the commercial environment, Hoffmann Brothers can design and build a humidifier, conducive for your commercial space.

Roof top units. Hoffmann Brothers’ designs, installs and repair rooftop units, ranging from 2-3 tons to 75 ton roof.

Water heaters. Office buildings, hotels, health clubs, restaurants and other commercial properties have distinct hot-water specifications. From the standard commercial water heater to a high efficient, tankless water heater, Hoffmann Brothers equips Jefferson County, MO businesses with a complementary hot-water solution.

Split Systems. As a member of the St. Louis Chapter of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), we apply the latest standards in split system design.

Entrust your building’s commercial HVAC to Hoffmann Brothers, call us at (314) 664-3536.



St. Charles County Mechanical HVAC Pro Prescribes Remedies

Although medical facilities and clinics are the last-place patients expect to contract a virus, these are the most vulnerable environments. It all has to do with the mechanical HVAC system, a common source of biological contaminants. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that infections due to carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) is on the rise globally. Because these invasive infections pose very few therapeutic options, modifying patient-care standards and air quality can influence the spread of disease.

“For most of the hospitals, clinics and medical offices we serve, there’s a balancing act between healthy indoor air quality and energy conservation. Nevertheless, a variation of mechanical HVAC systems can stave off biological contaminants” declares a mechanical contractor in St. Charles County.

Air filters account for a small component in managing indoor air quality (IAQ).

While a high-efficiency particulate arrestors (HEPA) filter plays an integral part of indoor air quality (IAQ) in a medical environment, other mechanical systems complement healthy air and energy conservation.

In medical environments, humidity control is critical for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and mold growth prevention. In clinics, hospitals and other medical offices, mold grows at almost 50% without proper dehumidification.

Please read more on dehumidification in St. Charles County.http://stlouismechanicalcontractors.com/mechanical-services/dehumidification.html

A building automation control system enables medical facilities to maintain

indoor air quality coalesced with energy conservation. Because Trane’s data communication protocol for building automation and control systems has been approved by both the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, (ASHRAE) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI), several mechanical contractors in St. Charles County use the company’s proprietary BACnet. In hospital, clinics and doctor’s offices, a BAC can be programmed to manage lighting, air handlers, and other zone control systems.

Please dial 314.664.3536 to schedule an HVAC check up for your St. Charles County commercial property.


It’s no secret that the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) share common but a different objective on indoor air quality (IAQ). However, a variation in IAQ standards often subjects commercial properties of St. Louis to do a juggling act.

Improving indoor air quality, and simultaneously stretching energy conservation hinges on a commercial HVAC system. Applying the principles defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Hoffman Brothers applies a mechanical HVAC remedy to bolster both IAQ and energy conservation.

Ventilation modification is a mechanical HVAC service designed to prevent indoor air-quality problems in St. Louis. In commercial environments impacted by a specific contaminant source or under-ventilation, the mechanical HVAC service mitigates problems.

Productivity plummets when odors permeate the workplace environment. A lack of outdoor air and unsavory scents can promote illness, headaches, and drowsiness. To amend such air ventilation problems in St. Louis, Hoffmann gauges outdoor air ventilation rates to comply with ASHRAE 62-1989).

The evaluation also identifies where the peak CO concentrations thrive, pinpointing the precise location of inadequate ventilation.

Sometimes, a poor indoor air quality problem is due to corrosion on the HVAC system parts (relief dampers, fan casing, supply diffusers). These obstructions have the ability to interrupt or hinder air flow altogether.

Enhancing the total supply air quantity is another alternative in balancing both IAQ and energy conservation. Hoffmann Brothers uses different approaches, including improving air distribution, modifying the outdoor air within the capacity of the air handler and/or other heating and air-conditioning equipment.

And as with any other IAQ mitigation, relocating affected individuals should be the first step to curtail exposure.

In St. Louis, Hoffmann Brothers is a highly reputed commercial HVAC mechanical contractor. The mechanical engineering company provides a complete list of commercial HVAC services, including: preventative maintenance, indoor air quality, designing and building automation control systems, HVAC systems, water heater replacements and energy conservation.

Learn more about managing indoor air quality in St. Louis, Missouri. http://www.stlouismechanicalcontractors.com/


St. Charles County Contractor Highlights Points of Interest

Whether a commercial building is in St. Charles County or any other county in America, preventative maintenance is not an optional matter. Preventative maintenance prevents commercial HVAC system failure(s), safety hazards and productivity losses.

When is the last time your building’s commercial HVAC system had maintenance? An HVAC system does not fail just because of extreme weather conditions (i.e. heat, humidity and freezing temperature). Deteriorated parts can trigger a breakdown or even a crisis. “The cornerstone of our preventative maintenance program averts equipment malfunctions and promotes energy conservation, while optimizing equipment reliability,” touts a mechanical engineer of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.

Preventative maintenance for a commercial HVAC system entails four vital tasks:

1) A safety inspection is the most critical aspect of preventative maintenance. Unkempt commercial HVAC systems are susceptible to explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning and other potentially fatal situations. “Although preventative maintenance programs are available twice a year, an annual program is ideal for commercial buildings with intricate mechanical systems,” advises Robert Hoffmann, founder of Hoffmann Brothers.

2) To improve performance reliability and energy conservation, preventative maintenance replaces commercial HVAC components.

3) Preventative maintenance also includes cleaning parts of the boiler, furnaces, roof top units, chillers, air conditioners, refrigeration, air handlers, pumps, humidifiers, water heaters, and other commercial HVAC systems.

4) The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are instituting energy standards for commercial buildings across America. Comprehensive preventative maintenance complies with (DOEs) Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) energy conservation blueprint.

Please visit the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers’ website to review these guidelines.

In St. Charles County, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors ensure the formula for a precise preventative maintenance program. Providing HVAC service for animal hospitals, pharmaceutical headquarters to warehouses, Hoffmann’s commercial maintenance affords five benefits: optimal system reliability, minimal HVAC replacements, indoor air quality, safety, energy conservation and of course, customer satisfaction.

Let us be your partner in energy conservation in St. Charles County. Contact Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at 314-664-3536 for a hassle free estimate. Or visit http://www.stlouismechanicalcontractors.com/hvac-systems/hvac-maintenance-program.html for an overview of our economically priced maintenance programs.