Jefferson County Mechanical Contractor Reviews HVAC-Rs

The mechanical services vary at commercial buildings in Jefferson County, MO, depending on a facility’s utilization and HVAC-R system specifications. A pharmaceutical company’s mechanical system is very different from a food processing plant’s mechanical system. The same rings true of a restaurants’ mechanical system and office buildings.

The common denominator for each mechanical service is compliant performance. In Jefferson County as in any other US county, commercial buildings have to abide with US energy standards and fire safety laws, as well as occupational compliances.

Restaurants, food processing plants and breweries distinct commercial refrigeration systems necessitate a mechanical contractor, employing energy conservation with dependable output. Walk in freezers, ice machines, walk in coolers, exhaust fans, and other refrigerating systems fall under the mechanical design code, developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

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Hoffmann Brothers is a member of the St. Louis chapter of ASHRAE, serving commercial buildings in Jefferson County.

Clean Room Compliance

Managing humidity and fine particulate matter and other airborne contaminants mandates a precise science in some workplace environments. Clean rooms are essential in certain research laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and other commercial space, where exacting environmental control is crucial to productivity. At the same token, only a few mechanical contractors in Jefferson County have experience with clean rooms.

Noteworthy: International mechanical codes apply to the commercial buildings in

Jefferson County, MO.

A boiler symbolizes a commercial building’s aorta creating heat and in some cases hot water, ‘Boilers are pressurized heating vessels, necessitating the expertise of a mechanical engineer.

Learn what to consider when hiring a boiler contractor.

Whether it’s a tankless or a standard hot water heater, Hoffmann Brother’s commercial water heating services are provided according to the codes of Jefferson County MO.

Heating and cooling a commercial building is a basic necessity in Jefferson County. Hoffmann Brothers mechanical technicians are all certified HVAC experts for any sized split system.

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Balancing Clean Air and Energy Conservation in Healthcare

With a surge in infectious diseases affecting hospitals and medical facilities around the nation, microbe management is more paramount than ever. Fatal infectious illnesses, such as the MRSA, Ebola and tuberculosis necessitate a meticulous approach in preventing a pandemic in healthcare.

Medical professionals are not the only influencing factor on warranting a healthy

environment. Air quality, heating and cooling systems impact patient outcomes.

A constant temperature, free of airborne contaminants is critical for controlling the spread of infectious diseases such as ebola and tuberculosis. A variation of mechanical HVAC systems leverage energy savings and clean indoor air quality.

Designing mechanical HVAC systems for medical facilities in St. Louis County, Hoffmann Brothers is merely a partner in building energy conservation efficiency and reliable mechanical HVAC systems.

Medical facilities utilizing multiple chillers improves energy efficiency with a few modification upgrades. For instance, variable speed drives and chiller plants help sequence, optimize and synchronize the various chillers throughout a medical complex.

“For high performance and reliability, we prefer the Trane brand of chillers, because the design generally enhance energy efficiency while curtailing operating expenditures,” discloses founder of the St. Louis mechanical contractor company.

Are Trane Chiller Plants Efficient for Hospitals and Medical Facilities?

Trane chiller technology maximizes energy efficiency by developing ice overnight and morphing the ice into cool air during the day. Hospitals often yield a five to 20 percent energy savings with a chiller plant upgrade, depending on the size of the facility.

The options for promoting IAQ in medical environments are numerous and depend on a facility’s architectural specifications. Building automation system (BAS) combined with a high-efficient centrifugal chiller optimize energy efficiency without compromising health concerns.

However, mechanical HVAC systems such as heat recovery chillers, variable speed pumps, MERV filtration systems and other high performance HVAC technologies multitask as energy conservation and clean air circulation systems.

With Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical contractors as your medical facility’s mechanical HVAC engineer, clean air quality and energy conservation are the prescription for good health. Bookmark our site to learn more about keeping your hospital’s indoor air quality healthy


Which Mechanical Systems Need a Building Permit in St. Peters?

St. Charles County is like every other municipal organization in that commercial buildings have to comply with a set of building codes and regulations. A spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors describes rudimentary guidelines on mechanical HVAC systems and service in St. Charles County.

Commercial properties in O’Fallon, St. Charles, Dardenne Prairie, St. Peters, Lake St. Louis, and Cottleville are required to observe the building codes for mechanical services as mandated by St. Charles County. For more than three decades, Hoffmann Brothers has been providing mechanical HVAC service for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, office building manufacturers, breweries and a host of other commercial buildings.

“On our mechanical HVAC repairs, where a replacement part is needed, a permit is generally unnecessary,” explains a mechanical HVAC contractor licensed in St. Peters.

Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial water heater repairs are a little more intricate. While most commercial water heater replacements fall under the commercial building permit code in St. Charles County, water piping within any hot, chilled or steam water heating, cooling equipment or water heater does not necessarily call for a work permit.

Mechanical HVAC

Mechanical HVAC systems are comparable to commercial water heaters, they each comply with three different codes: International Mechanical Code, International Property Maintenance Code as well as the International Fire Prevention code.

For any mechanical HVAC system replacement or mechanical service, we comply with all guidelines in St. Charles County.

Please dial us at (314) 664-3536 to inquire about a bid for any type of commercial property in St. Charles County building code.


Portable HVAC Equipment

Most portable heating appliances do not call for a building permit in St. Charles County. The commercial code considers any temporary unit connected to an electrical outlet system to be exempt from the building code requirement.


The state of Missouri upholds stringent clean water legislation. To ensure the integrity of the water supply in St. Charles County, most commercial plumbing replacements in Cottleville, Dardenne Prairie, St. Peters, Lake St. Louis, St. Charles and O’Fallon, necessitate a work permit. The building code applies to any drainpipe, concealed trap, or vent pipe that becomes non-functional due to soil, waste, or water.

For new commercial developments a single permit covers electrical, mechanical, plumbing and integrated building guidelines.

Whether your mechanical HVAC system needs minor maintenance or a replacement, our mechanical services ensure your building is up to code in St Charles County. Store our URL address>><<on your mobile device.


In Jefferson County, St. Louis County, St. Louis City and St. Charles County,

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Jefferson County Mechanical Contractor Reviews Heating Options

“Perhaps, your building’s energy costs started sky-rocketing last winter in Jefferson County. Even a 10 percent increase can shatter a commercial property owner’s profits and earnings, but a rapidly aging mechanical HVAC system does not have the capacity to manage indoor air quality, comfort and energy conservation simultaneously.“

We design heaters, split level heat pumps, to accommodate a commercial building’s temperature, infiltration and exhaust system demands. In Jefferson County, infiltration loads are frequently the cause of cold drafts and an overworked heating system (i.e. split level heat pump, air handler, furnace, boiler or direct gas-fired heating).

By eliminating infiltration, a commercial building optimizes its heating system's energy efficiency. An overloaded heating system spikes energy consumption, becomes unreliable and ultimately malfunctions.

In Jefferson County -- at manufacturing facilities and office buildings alike, process loads deviate throughout the day. To facilitate precise temperature with these loads and ventilation rates, a split-level heat pump affords a flexible option. Moreover, a building pressurization control system (BPCS) automatically acclimates to meet these varying demands.

In addition to establishing ventilation, commercial buildings have to observe the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standard in noxious fumes. These include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

american heating refrigeration

Source: American Heating Refrigerating I (AHRI)

Whether the design calls for a split system, a direct gas-fired air heater or a new refrigeration system, commercial property owners should analyze three aspects of a mechanical HVAC system: Duration (average lifecycle before replacement) of equipment, energy savings and compliance with the OSHA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“We design mechanical HVAC systems to concur with your commercial building or industrial facility’s processes, heating and ventilation needs. Our split system design meets and in some cases exceeds OSHA, EPA and the DNR in Jefferson County. We can also recommend a few manufacturer rebates, utility company rebates and tax credits to maximize your operating expenditures,” declares a spokesperson for Hoffman Brother’s Mechanical Contractors.

Hoffmann Brother’s Mechanical Contractors is a member of the St. Louis chapter of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Hoffmann Brothers is recognized as the premier mechanical contractor for all types and sizes of commercial buildings in Jefferson County, St. Louis County, St. Louis City and St. Charles County.

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Mechanical Contractor Talks Boiler Repairs in St. Louis

A boiler repair is not a run of the mill mechanical service call. A boiler is at the aorta of every commercial building in St. Louis City. These mechanical systems are combustive in nature. Employing steam, hot water, pressure and in some cases fuel, a boiler repair is an extremely sensitive mechanical service.

Questions to Pose Before Selecting a Boiler Contractor (St. Louis)

How extensive is the boiler contractor’s expertise repairing and designing boilers?

Boiler repairs and installations are a specialized mechanical service. In St. Louis City, boiler repairs are not a core competency. A boiler contractor with a minimum of 20 years experience understands old and newer boiler codes.

The complexity of most boiler repairs and installations entail compliance with the City of St. Louis, Missouri statues and the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) as developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. A seasoned mechanical engineer has the aptitude to design boilers compliant in St. Louis MO and these ever evolving boilers codes.

Does the mechanical contractor have certification and training from a variety of boiler manufacturers?

Mechanical contractors obtain certification on specific boilers. Hoffmann Brother's boiler contractors earn certification in a variety of boiler brands. The boilers transcend various models from the following manufacturers: Ajax, Weil Mclain, Burnham, Lochinvar, Carrier, Bryant, Triad, A.O. Smith, Dunkirk, Fulton, Buderus and Raypak.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors offers a wide variety of energy efficient, high quality, gas and steam boilers.

What brand or manufacturer does the mechanical contractor recommend and why?

"We endorse the Burnham and Lochinvar brands because these steam and water boilers generate high performance heating. These boilers utilize energy efficiently too," says a boiler contractor in St. Louis City, MO.

Don't entrust your building's boiler to just any boiler contractor licensed in St. Louis City. Schedule a boiler repair in St Louis, with a premier mechanical contractor

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