Philanthropy Fortifies Communities says StLC Mechanical Contractor

“In the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, both large and small business owners have an opportunity to create a difference in our communities--by funding or even donating your organization’s time,” suggests Robert Hoffmann, the founder of Hoffmann Brother’s Mechanical Contractors.

“Because we’re in a position to make a difference in our communities, many organizations call for our support. While we’re not telling any small business how to dole out their time, we’d like to share some of our most important foundations and charities,” says the spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.

The Missouri USO happens to be a personal cause dear to Mr. Hoffmann’s heart. When his son opted to serve his country, over the family business, Mr. Hoffmann elected to serve his country with the company’s commercial HVAC maintenance.

Homelessness and domestic violence continue to plague communities of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. St. Louis Metro Homeless Center and SHALOM HOUSE, Metro Homeless Center & Family Services represent two foundations making a difference in St. Louis City neighborhoods.

Foster parents play an integral part of the St. Louis City community. Because these residents are raising children, who would otherwise be without a family, some need extra financial resources for food, clothing and other household related expenses.

Many foster households of the St. Louis Angels’ Arms cannot afford to maintain a home’s furnace, boiler and heating system. To help promote safety and leverage their heating system’s energy efficiency, Hoffmann Brothers extends volunteerism for the families of St. Louis Angels Arms.

Spread the word of unity, peace and community in St. Louis City.

In addition to the homeless, stray and abused animals need love and support too. Hoffmann Brothers donates and volunteers its time to the Stray Rescue St. Louis, keeping abandoned canines, and other pets out of the cold and extremely hot temperatures. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please visit

This holiday season and next year, we plan to continue to fortify our community with funding and volunteerism.

What organization(s) is your small business helping in St. Louis? Share your important causes with us under the #HelpingOthersinStLC on our Twitter feed or Facebook page.


Mechanical Contractor Reveals Best RFP Practices.

Crestwood MO remains a prime location for small and large businesses to settle. From industrial/manufacturing to office buildings, the southeast Missouri town offers low taxes and a slew of building opportunities, garnering a reputation for being business friendly. However, when it comes to reviewing bid quotes for mechanical repairs and services in Crestwood, MO, some property managers need a little guidance.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors, a firm with more then three decades of expertise reviews a few basic questions to look for in a bid quote:

  • Does the proposed bid quote quell any compliance issues and meet Crestwood guidelines? In lieu of the new proposes, U.S. environmental protection standards, commercial properties need to adhere to new carbon emission standards.
  • In terms of energy conservation, how much will the retrofit or upgraded mechanical HVAC-R improve energy efficiency, annually?

Evaluating the mechanical contractor firm


ü  In addition to the mechanical contractor having a current license in Crestwood, the firm’s memberships and affiliations depict a modicum of insight.

For instance, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors is an active member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The mechanical contractor is also aligned with household names such as Trane, Noritz and GeoComfort to name a few.

A comprehensive RFP or bid quote for mechanical services should include the following details:

ü  Numerically itemized, a statement of work—lists all deliverables, outlining the time frames of each task’s completion date.

ü  Supplies needed to complete the project should be itemized in extreme detail, (costs, suppliers and any other contingencies).

ü  A budget estimate delineates a payment schedule for parts, labor and other reimbursements.

ü  Execution date highlights the contract span. This bid quote detail should also provide how many hours of service the mechanical engineer or technician will work each day, during the contract award period.

Prior to requesting a bid quote for mechanical services, remember to include any specifications that the awarded company must fulfill.

In Crestwood MO, our services afford a range of mechanical engineering, including: mechanical system drafting, commercial refrigeration, dehumidification, sheet metal fabrication, pipe fitting, controls & facility automation and a host of other mechanical system repairs.

Call us at 314.664.3536 for a fuss-free bid quote on your next mechanical service in Crestwood. MO


Without proper indoor air quality, few workplaces in Jefferson County are immune to the spread of the influenza virus. Clean indoor air quality is under-rated in the winter. While commercial building managers in Jefferson County do control occupants contracting the flu, a mechanical preventative maintenance check on your HVAC system may drastically promote healthy indoor air quality this winter season.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) forecasts a typical flu season, where the most common viruses will be in circulation: Influenza A (H3N2), influenza B, and influenza A (H1N1). The aforementioned flu viruses have been the most common strains in circulation since 2009. Some office buildings, campuses and medical facilities in Jefferson County have already experienced a spike of the Enterovirus this year.

Schedule an indoor air quality consultation with a mechanical contractor (licensed in Jefferson County).  

Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Lowers the Spread of the Flu.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors, a renowned firm, serving Jefferson County for more than three decade—finds that every commercial building is different; and, there’s no one size fits all mechanical systems. Here are a few rudimentary IAQ considerations:

In environments where manufacturing takes place, a properly vented workplace and comfortable air quality are critical to health and compliance.

To promote healthier indoor air quality, a mechanical engineer may recommend a HEPA filter, or germicidal UV lamps.

During a preventative maintenance evaluation, an engineer conducts a comprehensive inspection of your buildings mechanical HVAC system. From air handlers, air source heat pumps, dehumidification, ventilation to particle matter, we assess every inch of a buildings mechanical system.

“We generally merge healthy indoor air quality with an energy efficient design," admits a mechanical technician of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.

Commercial buildings in Jefferson County have to observe a handful of different agencies’ air quality and energy standard regulations. The list includes:

ü  US. Environmental Protection Agency

ü  US. Department of Energy (DOE)

ü  International Mechanical Code

ü  United States Occupations Safety and Health Administration

ü  Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Further reading on commercial building codes in Jefferson County.

Let us keep your building healthy and in compliance. Please dial 314.664.3536 to secure the healthiest IAQ solution.


If you’re looking for a commercial contractor to hire for your building’s mechanical HVAC-R system, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors is renowned in Saint Louis as an entrusted mechanical service company. For several decades, St. Louis’ preferred mechanical contractor has been designing, building and retrofitting commercial buildings of all architectural designs with energy compliant mechanical HVAC-R systems.


Favorite environment:

Prefers mechanical systems affording clean indoor air quality, consuming the least energy possible.

Commercial buildings served in St. Louis County and City:

Schools, medical facilities, restaurants, universities, hotels, breweries, churches (all denominations), warehouses, manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, biotech facilities and government buildings.



Hoffmann Brothers has a disdain for wasting energy.

Employment culture:

Even though Hoffmann Brothers hiring practices are stringent, the company attracts and retains a team of high caliber mechanical engineers and technicians.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE), NATE, and several other local organizations in Saint Louis.

Favorite MLB team: St. Louis Cardinals.


Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors donates funds and pro bono mechanical services to vital causes in St. Louis City, including: Saint Louis Stray Rescue, The Missouri USO and Angel’s Arms.


Counties serviced in Missouri:

Hoffmann Brothers is licensed in three counties: St. Louis, Jefferson and Saint Charles.

Energy target:

"We try to trim down energy expenditures for commercial buildings in St. Louis by a minimum of 10 percent a year,” boasts a mechanical engineer of Hoffmann Brothers.

Software choice:

Building automation systems are the most valuable software for most commercial buildings in Saint Louis,” opines a representative of the mechanical contractor company.

Favorite NHL team: The Saint Louis Blues.

Preferred mechanical HVAC manufacturers:

Even though Hoffmann Brothers administers mechanical services for all HVAC systems, the company prefers the leading names in mechanical design: Trane, Noritz, American Standard, Lennox, and GeoComfort to name a few.

Company mantra: “We design mechanical systems for safety, enduring energy conservation and comfort.”

Dial 314-664-3536 for a concise but comprehensive bid quote regarding your commercial building’s mechanical HVAC system.

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St. Louis Mechanical Contractors is a recognized philanthropist of greater St. Louis City. From breast cancer and respiratory health to animal shelters, the mechanical HVAC company garners a reputation for being charitable to numerous major causes and foundations in St. Louis City. In observance of philanthropic pursuits in St. Louis City, Hoffmann Brother’s Mechanical Contractors is raising awareness about National Philanthropy Day, November 15.

National Philanthropy Day® has been acknowledged since President Ronald Reagan first designated the day November 15th in 1986, according to the international chapter of Association of Funding Professional (AFP). Check out the AFP’s Facebook page.

Please visit the Association of Funding Professional (AFP) Central Missouri Chapter website, whose international membership is comprised of individuals involved in fundraising and philanthropy, as well as the development of fundraising, consulting and non-profit management.

“If you don’t have the money to donate, volunteering is a great approach to giving back to an organization or foundation, affecting a company’s employees, communities and other civil society pursuits,” says a customer service representative of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.

Hoffmann Brothers volunteers its heating and cooling services to several different organizations. Because the founder’s son serves with the USO Missouri, Hoffmann Brothers provides heating maintenance service to the USO Missouri located at Lambert International Airport. The mechanical contractor’s support to the USO military is second-to-none.

When one of St. Louis Mechanical employees was diagnosed with breast cancer, the company sponsored employees who participated in various fundraising events and races.

For St Louis Angel’s Arms, a network of foster care homes, Hoffmann Brothers provides tune-ups and heating service calls. Angels' Arms furnishes orphaned children with a home. Hoffmann Brothers is proud to contribute to such a wonderful non-profit organization.

St. Louis Mechanical Contractors: Philanthropy Tips of the Trade

ü  Volunteer for a cause of importance to the occupants of your commercial space.

ü  Donate to medical causes, affecting your employees suffering with a chronic medical condition.

ü  Donating time or monetary funds through your business exemplifies leadership, contributing to the greater cause of humankind.

Among residential and commercial property owners in St. Louis City, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors garners a charitable reputation.