It’s not a commercial property owner’s responsibility to calculate a commercial HVACs size. Mechanical contractors don’t normally expect commercial property owners to know a commercial HVAC’s precise sizing and schematics. But, when it comes to obtaining the most accurate bid quote or RFP, there are a few measurements you can provide the mechanical contractor.

If you’re requesting bids for a new heating, air conditioning, ventilation, or refrigeration system for your commercial building in Saint Louis, here’s a cheat sheet of details to include in the RFP:


Basic Details to Provide in the Mechanical Contractor Bid Quote

  • Type of building, architecture
  • The square footage of building
  • The number and types of mechanical systems needed to maintain temperature and facility processes
  • The building’s energy conservation objectives
  • A specific time line for project completion.

NOTEWORTHY “If your considering making energy improvements that qualify for a tax credit or rebate, ask the mechanical contractor to provide any recommendations with the bid quote,’ advises a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.

Rebates and Incentives

Between a few federal and tax credits, Laclede Gas Commercial Industrial rebates and other energy incentives, Saint Louis buildings should be able to qualify for at least one, and an energy audit. Energy assessment programs, like the Carrier Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) evaluate any sized commercial building. These mechanical design systems help mechanical contractors precisely size commercial HVAC components.

What Measurements Affect Commercial HVAC Sizing?

Commercial HVAC-Rs size calculations depend on several measurements:

tons, seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER), annual fuel utilization efficiency

(AFUE) wattage and other measurements. Square footage and the commercial building’s purpose are other contributing factors.

The commercial HVAC sizing entails a load calculation or the minimum level needed to sustain the heating and cooling systems requirements.

What details to anticipate in the RFP?

  • A mechanical engineer’s bid quote or analysis should include a commercial property’s energy conservation goals in relationship to current state and federal guidelines.
  • The total cost should tally numerous line items (i.e.: parts, labor, load calculation, return on investment, et cetera).
  • The bid quote should detail a projected completion date.

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How to Stop the Influenza Virus from Invading Your Workplace

Could the latest flu virus be tainting the indoor environment of your commercial building in St. Charles County? Has the influenza virus been circulating around your workplace? Would you like to quell the spread of the flu to enhance productivity? Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractor reviews four approaches to prevent the spread of this year’s flu strain from sickening your workplace team.

Missouri is among a dozen other states showing higher than normal cases of the flu. This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deem this year’s flu an epidemic, as 10 children have perished (Source:

Unofficial Quarantine

Reducing influenza exposure is the leading way to prevent the virus from circulating throughout a building. Request sick employees to stay at home during the first initial contraction of the influenza virus.

Sanitizing Matters

Place hand sanitizers throughout your building. The entrance, elevators and reception areas are good locations to stage a hand-sanitizing dispensary.

Although the CDC prescribes a flu vaccination to prevent spreading the virus, medical professionals purport that this year’s strain has mutated. As a result, vaccinations are not foolproof.

“There are three additional approaches to flu prevention,” asserts a spokesperson of the Saint Charles mechanical contractor firm.

Mechanical HVAC Preventative Maintenance

An improperly cleaned HVAC system has the ability to recycle airborne contaminants throughout the building. In the winter, commercial buildings in Saint Charles are predisposed to a deficit of fresh air. Without a heating system check up, occupants will often pass viruses back and forth. If a commercial building’s HVAC system has not undergone a winter check-up, time is of the essence.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors maintains HVAC-R systems for all walks of business life in St. Charles County. Please dial 314.664.3536 for additional details on HVAC maintenance in Saint Charles.

Resources on flu immunizations in St. Charles:


Is your commercial building weighing a boiler repair, retrofit or upgrade? Installation, operation, longevity and maintenance render four key expenses to evaluate when considering a new boiler,” reminds St. Charles mechanical contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.


Mechanical HVAC Contractor: Tells What to Look for in a Boiler RFP

There are numerous commercial boiler models. Boilers utilize three different fuels: oil, gas, and oil fired, depending on the manufacturer and model. Commercial properties in St. Charles County rely on a boiler to function as a space heater, to facilitate manufacturing processes or even both. The RFP should detail how the boiler will be used in a commercial facility.

Will the boiler replacement call for making any building alterations?

With so many commercial boilers designed in various sizes conducive for retrofitting, request bid proposals, where the boiler affords the greatest energy efficiency, least labor and no building alterations.

MPC vs. Single and Double Pass Boilers

A multi-pass commercial boiler (MPC) is generally more flexible than other single or double-pass boilers. A MPC boiler manages the same functions as a single or double-pass boilers—only without the intricate installation specifications. As it retains heat via numerous smaller passes, a MPC boiler demonstrates more energy efficiency than a single and or double-pass boiler.

As a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors design boiling systems, in accordance with the ASME.


Overtime, certain commercial boiler models are predisposed to dirty tubes and air leaks. When considering a boiler replacement or retrofit inquire about the boiler’s expected lifecycle and any pertinent warranties.


Commercial boiler installations can be extortionate, depending on the model and intricacy of the installation. Different models boilers conserve more energy. In the boiler RFP, be sure to include whether the boiler is for a welded or new construction.


Maintenance represents another expense associated with a new or existing commercial boiler system. Prior to approving the RFP, inquire about the maintenance requirements, costs, and schedule.

Please dial 314-664-3536 for an RFP on your building’s next commercial boiler repair, retrofit or installation.


St. Louis Mechanical Contractor Reviews the SHIELD Water Heater

Extensive storage, thermal efficiency and lime scale resistance all contribute to the operating cost of a commercial water heating system. “That’s why we prefer to install the Lochinvar brand of commercial water heaters,” acknowledges a technician of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical contractors.

During the spring of 2014, Lochinvar’s new SHIELD™ commercial water heater won awards for its innovative green technology. The commercial water heacommercial water heaterter’s design is remarkable, with inputs up to 500,000 Btu/hr and a 96 percent thermal efficiency. There’s also the capacity to store up to 125 gallons of water at a time.

For an average office building in St. Louis or even small retail store, the operational savings ranges between 10 and 25 percent a year. Another distinguishing factor is in how the SHIELD™ commercial water heater generates hot water.

Normally, heat transfer transpires inside a commercial water heater’s tank via coil-type heat exchangers or flue tubes. This interior transaction ultimately compromises thermal efficiency, due to calcium deposits and lime scale accumulation. As a result, this scale build-up increases operating costs for commercial properties in St. Louis as much as 25 percent, annually. Not to mention, the extra operational expense of replacing the water heater more often than necessary.


Why St. Louis Mechanical Contractors Prefer the SHIELD?

In St. Louis County, for office buildings, retailers and certain industrial properties, we recommend Lochinvar’s SHIELD™ commercial water heaters for five major reasons.

  1. Low NOCS ratings comply with the air quality standards mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
  2. An advanced stainless steel heat transfer (located outside the hot water tank) minimizes operating costs and energy losses associated with lime scale build up.
  3. Flexible venting options. (Depending on the commercial space, the SHIELD™ commercial water heaters allow for customized venting (sidewall, rooftop, etc.).
  4. Multiple unit manifold installation backed by a SMART CONTROL™ feature allows for expedient set-up and minimal operating costs.
  5. Tremendous life cycle efficiency and performance means fewer commercial water heater repair calls, replacements and operating costs.

Need to minimize your commercial building’s water heating expenditures, please call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at (314) 664-3536. For additional resources on commercial water heating in St. Louis see this page:


St. Louis County Mechanical Contractor Reviews Energy Conservation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy recently announced the federal government’s new clean air quality standards, over the next half decade. Commercial buildings of southeast Missouri will have to phase in new compliance standards. Fortunately, commercial property owners and building managers of St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County need not fret over compliance standards with a mechanical engineer, specializing in energy conservation.

For more than 30 years, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors have been designing and building energy efficient HVAC-R systems for some of the most iconic names of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

Customized HVAC-R Systems Built to Last

Commercial buildings in St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County have distinctive HVAC-R specifications. For instance, the heating and ventilation requirements of a medical facility vary significantly from a hotel, warehouse or an office building.

“If we can’t design an energy efficient mechanical HVAC-R, we won’t build it.

Our bid quotes generally include a built in 15 to 40 percent energy savings,” admits a representative at the St. Louis-based mechanical HVAC-R contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.

As the new clean air and energy bills become statutes, some property managers will opt for new HVAC systems. “However complete new HVAC-Rs are not always the most financially feasible option. Retrofitting can be just as effective in meeting new CO2 mandates,” reminds mechanical engineer, Robert Hoffmann.

“We’re aligned with the leading manufacturers in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigerating. We prefer HVAC-Rs by renowned names in mechanical design, such as Trane, GeoComfort and Lochnivar,” divulges Mr. Hoffmann.

The mechanical contractors choice of energy compliant mechanical HVAC-Rs is not the company’s only persnickety practice. Only one out of five employee candidates pass the mechanical contractor’s rigorous hiring process.

Robert Hoffmann owner of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical says: Commercial building owners are relying on us to ensure that their mechanical HVAC-R systems are in compliance with the EPA, OSHA, the Missouri Department of Resources and other local agencies. So we choose the best technicians and tools.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractor currently holds licenses in St. Louis County Jefferson County and St. Charles County.

How to Prepare for New Commercial Standards:

  • Hire a seasoned mechanical contractor.
  • Review the company’s references.
  • Analyze the mechanical contractor’s hiring practices.
  • Opt for mechanical service upgrades that maximize your home’s energy savings.

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County Jefferson County and St. Charles County.