Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors HVAC-R design has impacted the comfort and compliance of many complexes throughout St. Louis City and County for decades. From pipefitting, an energy conservation installation to refrigeration, the St. Louis-licensed mechanical contractor company designs and builds the most intricate installations.

When property managers, commercial property owners and operations managers think about mechanical installations, most think in terms of climate control. We design, build and install mechanical systems to augment productivity and various processes.

For wineries and breweries, Hoffmann Brothers engineers pipefitting, boilers and refrigeration to improve the production process. “It’s not that our technicians specialize in designing mechanical installations for alcoholic beverage (cordials) production. Our licensed mechanical engineers design systems built to bolster efficiency, performance and compliance”.

A review of the mechanical contractors prior projects showcases an array of commercial industry HVAC systems. Medical facilities, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, printing, restaurants, office buildings and breweries reflect a short list of mechanical installations designed by Hoffmann Brothers.

Mechanical Installation Case Studies in St. Louis County

A pharmaceutical company near St. Louis City was struggling with managing humidity levels during pill production. In need of a way to ensure manufacturing quality and safety, the pill maker needed humidity levels to remain under 15 percent. Hoffmann Brothers designed and built a clean room and installed dehumidification equipment. The mechanical installation helped eradicate production losses due to excessive humidity levels.

For a printing company in St. Louis County, Hoffmann Brothers designed a manufacturing system, via a pipefitting installation to improve color print production. The mechanical installation heightened the printing company’s output capacity and sales potential.

A St. Louis County government building needed to reduce operating costs and energy consumption. Hoffmann Brothers mechanical contractors conducted an energy audit then recommend an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to maximize energy conservation. In the interim, the building has been able to save energy via the ERV’s technology, in transferring heat from the incoming to the outgoing air valves.

Let our mechanical installations improve the performance of your facility productivity.

Please add 314.664.3536. and URL LINK: http://www.stlouismechanicalcontractors.com to your address book for mechanical installations in St Louis County.


Jefferson County Mechanical Contractor Highlights RTUs

How to provide occupancy comfort throughout educational facilities, retail centers and other mix used buildings in Jefferson County. In commercial buildings with numerous cooling specifications and energy conservation, rooftop units (RTU) accommodate various architectural styles and energy compliances and standards.

Rooftop packaged heating and cooling systems achieve several objectives for commercial properties in Jefferson County. These include building climate comfort, reliable performance, and energy conservation. The RTU’s flexible design suits the large building with a scalable system, comprised of motors, web based controls and high efficiency compressors.

What type of facilities benefit from a roof top unit?

Roof top units generally suit malls, retail centers, entertainment complexes, schools, medical centers, hospitals and other multiplexes where comfort, indoor air quality and conservation are equal requirements.

In particular—at surgical centers, nursing homes and hospitals, where documentation, pertaining to air quality is a mandated protocol, the Trane packaged roof top unit and

Tracer (TM) SC controller streamlines reporting to governmental agencies.

What features suggest energy conservation on a RTU?

Today’s mechanical systems and rooftop-packaged units encompass an assortment of energy conservation features. For instance, a rooftop unit consists of a web based controlled system, evaporative condensing and energy wheels (ERV)—all of which support energy conservation.

”We recommend the Trane IntelliPakTM II rooftop system because it allows for remote management and is compatible with building automating control systems. More importantly, our experience shows that the Trane RTUs exceed environmental comfort while containing operating costs”, shares a mechanical contractor licensed in Jefferson County.

Questions to Evaluate with any Rooftop Unit or Mechanical Installation

          Does the roof top unit include any features for energy conservation?

          How will the RTU retrofit influence annual operating costs?

          What construction costs and time are involved in the rooftop unit installation?

          Will maintenance costs increase with the new rooftop unit?

                                      Does the mechanical system help qualify for LEED® certification?


How to determine if a Trane packaged roof top unit will suit your building’s compliance guidelines?

To determine whether Trane packaged roof top units are a good fit for your commercial building’s comfort specifications, performance and energy conservation objectives, please dial 314.664.3836 for a bid quote and free consultation.


Your building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) hinges on a regular commercial HVAC maintenance schedule. Aside from providing employees and occupants with a safe and healthy environment, a commercial HVAC maintenance program assures that your property is in compliance with St. Charles County bylaws, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Preparing for the Commercial Mechanical HVAC Maintenance Service Call

Prior to designating a mechanical contractor to provide a commercial HVAC maintenance program, compile the following documentation: the facility’s blueprints, itemized mechanical systems, (boilers, furnaces, building automation systems, etc.), a log of previous problems or repairs related to the commercial HVAC system, any build tenant build outs, etcetera.

Next, request two to three bid quotes from mechanical contractor firms licensed in St. Charles County.

To meet state, local and manufacturer warranties, preventative maintenance differs by mechanical HVAC equipment and season in Saint Charles County. Commercial HVAC system warranties outline maintenance frequency however other mechanical systems may affect the need for more or fewer commercial HVAC maintenance service calls.

For instance, some commercial HVAC systems, like Trane rooftop units, feature remote monitoring.

Other Details Influencing an HVAC Maintenance Program

A mechanical engineer will gather information about your building’s HVAC system to design a commercial HVAC maintenance program and help develop an energy conservation and IAQ profile of your facility. Details pertaining to a building’s energy conservation and IAQ profile provide a template for developing a compliant commercial HVAC maintenance program.

A preliminary, onsite visit may be necessary for a mechanical engineer to gather additional details about a building’ HVAC system’s specific IAQ and energy requirements, such as:

  • How much outside is entering the commercial property?
  • Are any pollutant pathways causing poor IAQ?
  • The relationships between your commercial HVAC’s pressure, pollutant pathway?
  • How much energy is being lost or wasted?
  • What is the age and condition of the commercial HVAC system?
  • Does ventilation allow or hinder proper airflow?
  • Which air pollutants are affecting the indoor air quality?
  • What other commercial HVAC systems affect the building’ energy load

Hire a mechanical contractor

After the mechanical contractors have submitted their bids, hire a licensed mechanical contractor to man your HVAC maintenance program.

Request a commercial HVAC maintenance program bid at 314.664.3536.


As noted in numerous medical journals, hospitals, clinics and health care complexes are predisposed to airborne contaminants. Preventing the spread of infectious diseases and super bugs involves comprehensive planning for any medical facility. From diagnostic equipment, hygienic protocol for medical workers to air quality, so many factors influence a health care facilities infection rate.


Saint Louis Mechanical Contractor Reviews IAQ Remedies

Indoor air quality influences how a medical facility prevents, manages and controls the spread of airborne contaminants.

“We prescribe a variation of mechanical systems to enhance the indoor air quality of medical facilities in Jefferson County and Saint Louis. Because we review each case by case situation

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors is licensed in the counties of Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles to provide its HVAC engineering design for local hospitals and medical facilities such as Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Concentra Medical Centers, St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Anthony’s Medical Center and Mercy Corporate Health to name a few.

Our prescription for indoor air quality (IAQ) for hospitals, medical facilities and other commercial spaces involves a comprehensive audit of your building’s mechanical system. Because most facilities have distinct architectural qualities, we never prescribe a one size fits all mechanical HVAC remedy.

Sometimes, poor ventilation in a corridor or waiting room harbors bacteria and airborne contaminants. Some medical facilities suffer from temperature disparities, which can help aid in unhealthy IAQ.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors is the trusted specialist for pristine air quality in Jefferson County.

For the month of March, Hoffmann Brothers is donating a portion of their company’s proceeds to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis (CMN St. Louis). When your medical facility schedules maintenance during the month of March, you will be directly contributing to one of the most essential causes in greater Saint Louis area: giving local children a better chance to heal and grow.

Schedule your medical facility’s check up at 314.664.3536.


Even though we design and build mechanical HVAC systems engineered to last, our quality service only goes so far. That’s why we prefer the leading brands and manufacturers of commercial mechanical systems,” shares a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.

For 20 plus years Robert Hoffmann has been living up to his company’s commitment in designing high efficient mechanical systems for commercial properties in St. Charles County.

“We’re all about performance driven mechanical design. If an HVAC-R system does not support energy conservation, we won’t design it or build it,” attests a technician of the 20-plus year old mechanical HVAC firm in St. Charles County.

Here is a mini preview of the mechanical companies’ preferred brands in boilers, water heaters and variable refrigerant volumes (VRV).


Many of the companies we provide service, rely on their building’s water heating system to produce goods and services, where hot water is mission critical (in example, wineries, breweries, spa services, hotels and other commercial spaces).

Customer reviews and ratings suggest that Lochnivar’s commercial water heating products are quite agile. Because these water heating systems are available in numerous sizes, numerous water pressures, and at various water hardness, many mechanical contractors, who are members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) consider the Lochnivar water heating system to be compatible with most other mechanical systems and brands.


<iframe width="509" height="419" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yvCSZtEE6W8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Photo Caption

Robert Hoffmann, a licensed mechanical engineer and founder of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors points out a few benefits of a VRF ductless heating and air conditioning system.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF), also referred to as a variable refrigerant volume (VRV)

is an emerging technology for commercial spaces in St. Charles County. This heating and cooling system operates without the need of any air ducts. A single outdoor condensing unit feeds warmth or cool air to each indoor fan coil. These flexible mechanical systems accommodate apartment buildings, hotels, offices and other commercial spaces where users can manage their own energy efficiency.

Roof Top Unit (RTU)

In the way of roof top unit (RTU) or rooftop units, Hoffmann Brothers prefers mechanical systems designed by Trane. This brand of mechanical HVAC systems afford fast installation time and retrofit with most existing HVAC-Rs.

The aforementioned list of HVAC-R manufacturers is a very, very shortlist of leading brands in mechanical HVAC systems. Please call us at 314.664.3536 to learn more.

Please visit this page for more details on the leading brands in St. Charles County.