Why + How to Evaluate a Rooftop Unit Installation?

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Jefferson County Mechanical Contractor Highlights RTUs

How to provide occupancy comfort throughout educational facilities, retail centers and other mix used buildings in Jefferson County. In commercial buildings with numerous cooling specifications and energy conservation, rooftop units (RTU) accommodate various architectural styles and energy compliances and standards.

Rooftop packaged heating and cooling systems achieve several objectives for commercial properties in Jefferson County. These include building climate comfort, reliable performance, and energy conservation. The RTU’s flexible design suits the large building with a scalable system, comprised of motors, web based controls and high efficiency compressors.

What type of facilities benefit from a roof top unit?

Roof top units generally suit malls, retail centers, entertainment complexes, schools, medical centers, hospitals and other multiplexes where comfort, indoor air quality and conservation are equal requirements.

In particular—at surgical centers, nursing homes and hospitals, where documentation, pertaining to air quality is a mandated protocol, the Trane packaged roof top unit and

Tracer (TM) SC controller streamlines reporting to governmental agencies.

What features suggest energy conservation on a RTU?

Today’s mechanical systems and rooftop-packaged units encompass an assortment of energy conservation features. For instance, a rooftop unit consists of a web based controlled system, evaporative condensing and energy wheels (ERV)—all of which support energy conservation.

”We recommend the Trane IntelliPakTM II rooftop system because it allows for remote management and is compatible with building automating control systems. More importantly, our experience shows that the Trane RTUs exceed environmental comfort while containing operating costs”, shares a mechanical contractor licensed in Jefferson County.

Questions to Evaluate with any Rooftop Unit or Mechanical Installation

          Does the roof top unit include any features for energy conservation?

          How will the RTU retrofit influence annual operating costs?

          What construction costs and time are involved in the rooftop unit installation?

          Will maintenance costs increase with the new rooftop unit?

                                      Does the mechanical system help qualify for LEED® certification?


How to determine if a Trane packaged roof top unit will suit your building’s compliance guidelines?

To determine whether Trane packaged roof top units are a good fit for your commercial building’s comfort specifications, performance and energy conservation objectives, please dial 314.664.3836 for a bid quote and free consultation.