St. Louis County Mechanical Contractor Offers Fire Safety Tips

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Observing Fire Prevention Safety Week

Hoffmann Brothers, a preferred mechanical contractor of St. Louis County observes "National Fire Prevention Safety Week” with a few reminders.

“As a mechanical contractor of St. Louis County, we see HVAC-R systems in three spheres: safety, performance and energy efficiency. For obvious reasons, safety trumps all. In observance of Fire Prevention Safety Week, we're imparting a few safety reminders to operational managers, commercial property owners and other professionals.

ü  Maintain heating systems and monitor lit candles.

During the winter months, in particular, heating systems and candles are the cause of many church and funeral parlor fires.

Funeral homes, churches and other places of worship account for the highest rate of fires. Almost a third of fires at funeral homes and churches transpired between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:00 am, accounting for nearly two-thirds of direct property damage.

Preventative maintenance is one approach for preventing fires in commercial properties. Please dial 314.664.3536 to schedule preventative maintenance in St. Louis County for your building HVAC system.

ü  Maintain evacuation drills.

Try to coordinate evacuation drills with the local fire station. If a fire drill is unfeasible for your building be sure to familiarize everyone with the safety procedures. Review details such as exits, sprinkler systems, available stairwells, and other evacuation protocol.

ü  Cook with care.

The NFPA says that cooking related fires are associated with more than 66 percent of incidents at hotels, motels, nursing homes and boarding or lodging facilities. In fact, cooking triggers the foremost fires at hotels and motels due to the volume of food preparation. Commercial ovens and stoves necessitate regular maintenance.

ü  Decorate with safety in mind

Set candles, Christmas trees and other decorative items away from heating systems.

Candles are attributable for 1,270 injuries and $539 million worth of property damage, reported by the US Fire Administration (USFA).

VENTILATION FACT: There are approximately 10,000 fountain beverage systems which use carbon dioxide on-site. To prevent a fire or CO2 poisoning, make sure these systems are properly ventilated and without any leaks to or from the pipefitting and tubing connections.

Please visit the Missouri State Website for additional fire prevention tips.

"Let us check your mechanical HVAC systems (heating, refrigeration ventilation for fire prevention) in St. Louis County. Contact us here