How to Develop a Compliant Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program

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Your building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) hinges on a regular commercial HVAC maintenance schedule. Aside from providing employees and occupants with a safe and healthy environment, a commercial HVAC maintenance program assures that your property is in compliance with St. Charles County bylaws, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Preparing for the Commercial Mechanical HVAC Maintenance Service Call

Prior to designating a mechanical contractor to provide a commercial HVAC maintenance program, compile the following documentation: the facility’s blueprints, itemized mechanical systems, (boilers, furnaces, building automation systems, etc.), a log of previous problems or repairs related to the commercial HVAC system, any build tenant build outs, etcetera.

Next, request two to three bid quotes from mechanical contractor firms licensed in St. Charles County.

To meet state, local and manufacturer warranties, preventative maintenance differs by mechanical HVAC equipment and season in Saint Charles County. Commercial HVAC system warranties outline maintenance frequency however other mechanical systems may affect the need for more or fewer commercial HVAC maintenance service calls.

For instance, some commercial HVAC systems, like Trane rooftop units, feature remote monitoring.

Other Details Influencing an HVAC Maintenance Program

A mechanical engineer will gather information about your building’s HVAC system to design a commercial HVAC maintenance program and help develop an energy conservation and IAQ profile of your facility. Details pertaining to a building’s energy conservation and IAQ profile provide a template for developing a compliant commercial HVAC maintenance program.

A preliminary, onsite visit may be necessary for a mechanical engineer to gather additional details about a building’ HVAC system’s specific IAQ and energy requirements, such as:

  • How much outside is entering the commercial property?
  • Are any pollutant pathways causing poor IAQ?
  • The relationships between your commercial HVAC’s pressure, pollutant pathway?
  • How much energy is being lost or wasted?
  • What is the age and condition of the commercial HVAC system?
  • Does ventilation allow or hinder proper airflow?
  • Which air pollutants are affecting the indoor air quality?
  • What other commercial HVAC systems affect the building’ energy load

Hire a mechanical contractor

After the mechanical contractors have submitted their bids, hire a licensed mechanical contractor to man your HVAC maintenance program.

Request a commercial HVAC maintenance program bid at 314.664.3536.