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Pipefitting St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors provides a variety of pipefitting design & construction services in the St Louis area. The owner of Hoffmann Brothers, Robert Hoffmann, is a licensed Mechanical Engineer who has extensive knowledge in Pipefitting design and installation. We provide piping system repairs, design, and installation for many local St Louis businesses. We have consulted and serviced many different industries in their pipefitting needs. To get an estimate on your pipefitting projects in St Louis contact Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3536.

Piping Projects St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors can handle any size piping job in St Louis, MO. Hoffmann Brothers can design and build a new piping system for your business, or can upgrade the existing piping in your commercial location. We have done many piping jobs in St Louis over the years. Here is a list of some of the Pipefitting projects Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors has installed:

  • One of the pipefitting jobs we did was for Inx, an ink manufacturer in St Louis. Hoffmann Brothers designed and installed a 5,000 PSI ink manufacturing process system that automatically mixed ink colors. Ink is extremely think and hard to pump. The ink colors come in drums, the pumps were hydraulically lowered into the drums and pumped through schedule 80 black iron pipe to the filling station. We had to purchase and install 5,000 psi flexible hoses, steel piping, pumps, controls, and valves. Hoffmann Brother’s design team manufactured the machinery that helped Inx’ processes, which in turn made the production process possible.
  • St Peters Church has been a long time customer of Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors and they needed to upgrade their HVAC equipment. Hoffmann Brothers converted their boiler from steam to a high efficiency hot water boiler. We also installed a 110 ton Chiller, pumps and piping for the church.
  • Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) had a new air handler installed by Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors. Along with the air handler, it included hot water and chilled water piping.
  • A local nursing home had 10” underground chilled water piping and 12” steel pipe for hot water heating installed by Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors.
  • Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors has designed & installed medical gas equipment and piping for dentists and doctor’s offices including piping, nitrous piping, and vacuum system piping.
  • Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors installed tanks and piping for a local Microbrewery. This installation included stainless piping, a boiler, hot water piping, chiller and chiller piping. This helped in the production of the beer
  • A local winery had Hoffmann Brothers install tanks, stainless steel piping and chilled water systems for the production of their wine. 
  • Hoffmann Brothers designed and installed the pool and domestic hot water heating system and piping for Chaminade College Prepatory.  

As you can see, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors can handle all your pipefitting needs in St Louis. Call us at (314) 664-3536, to speak with one of our engineers and see how we can customize a piping job for your commercial application needs

HVAC & Mechanical Piping St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers has consulted and serviced many manufacturers, hospitals, churches, and schools on their piping projects. All of our pipe fitting projects, regardless of size, are efficient and cost effective. We have installed all types of piping such as steam piping, natural gas piping, oil piping, compressed air piping, process piping, piping for local wineries & breweries, and medical gas piping. Hoffmann Brothers has been a licensed pipe fitter in St Louis County, St Louis city, St Charles County along with other municipalities all across the St Louis Metro area. If you have a unique business process or system that needs to be tailored for better or more production, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors will work with you to come up with the best solution for your business! Call us anytime, day or night, at (314) 664-3536.