Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors understand how important energy conservation is to so many St Louis Business owners. Heating & Cooling systems are the single largest consumer of energy in your commercial space. As a business owner, if you are conscious about how much energy loss your HVAC system is having, you could be throwing away money. The engineers at Hoffmann Brothers specialize in energy conservation for your business. Our engineers and technicians can show you the opportunities that exist for improvement in your HVAC or Mechanical Systems.

Energy Conservation HVAC Strategies St Louis

There are many steps to take to ensure your commercial space is conserving as much energy as possible.

  • Load Calculations: Many HVAC contractors do not perform full load calculations when calculating replacing or installing Heating and cooling equipment for your business. The engineers at Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors always measure and size the HVAC system properly to ensure the right capacity for your space. So much energy is lost when the heating and cooling equipment was not sized properly before installed.
  • Upgrade to High Efficiency Equipment: Many older pieces of equipment are not energy efficient. If you HVAC equipment is older than 10 years, it may be a good idea to begin planning for replacement, as the amount of money you can save monthly in energy costs, will far outweigh the price of a new system. The engineers at Hoffmann Brothers can put together a plan for your business based on the age and the state of your equipment.
  • Install Variable Frequency drives: Our electricity operates at a frequency of 60 hertz. You can lower the frequency by installing Variable Frequency drives. A small reduction in fan speed results in a large electrical energy savings. You can install variable speed motors and drives on to pumps, fans, chillers, and compressors.

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors has helped many St Louis businesses and organizations save money through Energy Conservation upgrades.

  • At a St Louis County Government Building, Hoffmann Brothers installed Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) wheels. These wheels were 8’ in diameter and transferred heat from incoming to the outgoing air to save energy and lower utility costs.
  • Another project that Hoffmann Brothers updated to help with energy conservation was at St Paul’s Child Care Center in West County. They were having indoor air quality issues and employees were going home sick on a frequent basis. Hoffmann Brothers was asked to review the situation and the lack of fresh air in the facility. Our engineers found that the CO2 levels were in excess of 2,000ppm. We recommended new high efficiency roof top units with economizers for fresh air and CO2 controls. The CO2 controls would measure the exact amount of fresh air needed. This facility had excessive outside air, which caused the system to be less efficient and raise utility costs. The CO2 controls bring in exactly what they needed.
  • At Joyce Meyer Ministries we used Variable Frequency Drive’s to control humidity. We lowered the indoor blower speed, so that the air conditioner would remove more humidity. We installed the VFD’s on each blower motor of the Trane packaged roof top units and lowered blower speed on first stage. This helped tripled the humidity removal and saved energy.

These examples are just a few of the projects Hoffmann Brothers was installed to help with Energy Conservation. To get a bid on energy conservation from one of our Engineers, call us at (314) 664-3536.