Controls & Facility Automation


Controls & Facility Automation

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors can provide Controls and Facility Automation to any commercial, industrial or institutional space in St Louis, MO. We have the commercial engineers who can manage the various automation systems available to ensure the operation performance of the facility, as well as the comfort and safety of your St Louis commercial space and occupants. Whether your needs are basic or you need a fully integrated system, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors can handle it. To talk to one of our commercial engineers about your commercial location and how we can help with the Controls and Facility Automation, call us at (314) 664-3536.

HVAC Systems & Controls & Facility Automation

Controls and Facility Automation can be referred to as many different systems. Some of the most common terms used are Building Automation and Control systems, Building management systems, HVAC controls, direct digital controls, and energy management systems. Our Commercial technicians and engineers on staff are familiar with all of these types of controls and facility automation systems. These controls can control all the HVAC systems in the building including, chillers, boilers, air handlers, roof top units, refrigeration units and split systems. By monitoring these hvac systems, it can catch problems before the system actually breaks downs. This can be very cost effective for your St Louis business, as it will send Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors a signal of failure before you lose the system completely. Businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year not only in costly repairs, but when there is failure and your systems go down, productivity slows, product can be lost or damaged, and can make uncomfortable working environments. By monitoring the various HVAC systems you have in your St Louis commercial space, you can be on top of these problems before they cost your and your company a lot of money. To speak with one of our commercial engineers about using Controls and Facility automation in your St Louis business, call us today at (314) 664-3536.

Controls & Facility Automation St Louis

These controls and facility automation can do much more than control your HVAC systems. The Building automation systems can also monitor the power, security, card and keypad access to the building, fire alarm systems, elevators & escalators, and plumbing & water monitoring. All of the equipment to monitor the controls and facility automation is hidden under the floor or in the ceiling, or even at times mounted to the HVAC equipment. Then the systems can be monitored from a central management system or workstation. This management system is either a software or webpage that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by either on site facility manger or by our commercial engineers at Hoffmann Brothers. Our control professionals can provide on-going service or we can train your in house staff to monitor the controls. To talk to one of our commercial engineers about how you can put controls and facility automation in your commercial space, call us at (314) 664-3536.