Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms HVAC St Louis

A clean room is an environment in which there must be a low level of environmental pollutants found, such as dust, airborne microbes, chemical vapors or aerosol particles. Clean rooms are typically used in commercial factory or scientific settings. Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors has many commercial customers in the St Louis area whom we we’ve designed and maintained clean rooms for.  Particles come in all sizes and can be made of anything and come from anywhere especially humans, open doors, equipment and air ducts. In order to design a clean room an expert with professional knowledge is needed, and the engineers at Hoffmann Brothers can handle all your company’s clean room’s needs. Not only can the experts at Hoffmann Brother design and install clean rooms, they can maintain the clean rooms HVAC as well. For all your Clean Room HVAC needs, call the professionals at Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at (314) 664-3536.

Clean Room HVAC Installation St Louis

If your company or business needs a clean room installed, you want to make sure your hire a professional who has experience and references in installation of Clean Rooms in the St Louis area, such as Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors. Clean rooms come in all sizes and specifications. Clean rooms can be very large, such as entire manufacturing facilities, with factory floors covering thousands of square meters. Clean rooms are most commonly seen in industries associated with biotechnology, life sciences and other fields that are sensitive to environmental contamination. The air that enters in to a clean room must be filtered from the outside to filter out any dust. The air inside the clean room is constantly recirculated through HEPA and ULPA filters to help remove internally generated contaminants. On top of the filtered air, air flow and humidity levels have to be kept under control as well. If anyone understands the importance of clean rooms, it is the professionals at Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors. Our team has all of the qualifications to design and install clean rooms for your industrial space. To get a free estimate on a clean room installation, call our Commercial Comfort advisor at (314) 664-3536.

Clean Room HVAC Repairs & Maintenance in St Louis

The technicians at Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors have been trained and educated on how to repair the equipment and maintain the hvac systems confined to a clean room environment. Our technicians know and understand how important it is to maintain the air filtration, air flow, humidity levels, and pressures within the clean room. When hiring an HVAC company to repair or maintain the equipment in a clean room, you want to make sure you are hiring an experience contractor. Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors understands the restrictions a clean room has in comparison to other rooms found in businesses. Hire the Clean Room HVAC professional today, call us at (314) 664-3536 or schedule a repair here.

Clean Room HVAC Installation & Repairs – Call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors will work with your company on any clean room project. We have references of companies in St Louis who we have designed and maintained clean rooms for. Call us today at (314) 664-3536 to find out more about what our team can do for your business’ needs for clean room HVAC systems.