Commercial HVAC Systems

Hoffmann Brothers HVAC Systems

Hoffmann Brothers St Louis Mechanical Contractors designs and installs heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for all types of commercial applications. We have a team that can handle everything from the initial installations, upgrades, expansions, service and maintenance for your business in the St. Louis, Missouri Metropolitan Area. It is our goal with each heating and cooling project we take on to provide you and your employees with a comfortable working environment that facilitates clean air and energy savings. Our HVAC systems include Boilers, Split Systems, Roof Top Units, Chillers, Air Handlers, Water Heaters, Commercial Refrigeration, clean rooms and VRF.


Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors offers a wide variety of energy efficient, high quality gas and steam boilers. Boilers can be used in so many different types of commercial applications around St Louis. For more information on Boilers in St Louis and how you can use them for heating your business, visit our boiler page.

Split Systems

Split Systems can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Split systems are better known as furnaces and air conditioners. Split systems work great in many types of commercial buildings, to learn more about how a furnace and air conditioner in St Louis can heat and cool your commercial space, visit our split system page.

Roof Top Units

Roof Top Units are the more common type of heating and cooling system used in Commercial spaces in the St Louis area. Hoffmann Brothers offers both gas fired and electric roof top units. To learn more about roof top units and how they can be best fit for your institution or facility, please visit our roof top page.


Chillers are used in many types of commercial and industrial applications in St Louis, MO. We can service and install all types of chillers including reciprocating, scroll, screw, and centrifugal. To get more information on Chiller Contractors in St Louis, visit our Chillers page.

Air Handlers

Commercial Air Handlers in St Louis are used in many types of buildings and commercial spaces all around the city. Hoffmann Brothers installs American Standard air handlers, where they can be paired with heat pumps, geothermal, & two stage air conditioners. To see if an air handler is the best fit for your commercial space, visit our Air Handler page.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters are necessities to many St Louis businesses such as salons, restaurants, & schools. To learn more about what is the best water heater in St Louis for your business, visit our water heater page.

Clean Rooms

A clean room is typically used in manufacturing or scientific clean rooms, which must maintain a low level of pollutants. These types of settings takes a professional and specific type of expertise, one in which Hoffmann Brothers has. To learn more about clean rooms, and how Hoffmann Brothers St Louis Mechanical Contractors can help, visit our clean rooms page.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF, is ductless heating and cooling for commercial applications. Hoffmann Brothers is your St Louis area ductless heating and cooling specialists. This technology has taken over Europe and Japan as and is the way of the future. To learn more about VRF in St Louis commercial applications, go to our VRF page.

If there are any HVAC systems that you do not see listed here, we more than likely service and install them, so please give us a call for all your HVAC systems in St Louis, MO at (314) 664-3536.