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Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors have worked with many businesses in St Louis who have compressed air systems. Compressed air systems are used in factories, machine shops, auto repair, and dry cleaners to operate machinery and equipment. A properly designed and installed compressed air system is critical to the reliability of how the system functions. Hoffmann Brother’s engineers have designed and installed many types of air compressed systems for local companies all across the St Louis area. It takes an expert to design the system because the air must be clean, cool and free of water. If the air contains dirt or moisture it can rust pneumatic equipment and cause some equipment to not operate. If you want a compressed air system expert, give the Engineers at Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors a call at (314) 664-3536.

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Compressed Air Systems are very intricate Mechanical Systems. Our technicians have not only installed these systems, but we have the experience of servicing them as well. One of our long time customers is a Formal Wear company here in St Louis. They have a dry cleaning plant that has a 10hp air compressor. The compressed air runs the dry cleaning equipment. We not only installed this piece of equipment for them but we perform service and maintain it. Another local company, a plastic molding manufacturer, had a compressed air system installed by Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors. The compressed air system we installed included a 50hp screw compressor, after cooler, air dryer, and filter. The piping was done with schedule 40 threaded pipe and connected to each piece of equipment and was mostly used to drive pneumatic cylinders. The piping is critical in a compressed air system. Additional moisture can come out of the compressed air in the piping system, so the pipes must be sloped to collection points where automatic solenoids will remove the moisture from the piping system.

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Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors services and installs so many Mechanical systems for so many different businesses and industries. It is important you hire a contractor who has experience and the training for compressed air systems. Our engineers and technicians have both the experience and continuous training on these types of compressors. To learn more about Compressed air system for your business or get an estimate, call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at (314)664-3536.