hoffmann history

Our History

When Hoffmann Brothers first opened in 1968, it started with just 4 employees. Over 40 years later we know have over 50 employees. Owned today by Robert Hoffmann, who is a licensed Mechanical Engineer. Our services over the years have expanded from just HVAC to full design, build, and installation of systems including facility automation and controls.

We started out of a building in South City St Louis where we rented. The small 300 square foot space was used as both an office and a warehouse. Over the years, we expanded by buying the entire building which was a total of 6600 square feet. We completely renovated the building and now have over 2400 square feet of office space, 1200 square feet for our sheet metal fabrication shop, and 3000 square feet for our warehouse. Our parking lot can hold all 40 of our service and installation vans and trucks.

Hoffmann Brothers is one of the largest Mechanical Contractors in St Louis today. In 2004, the Better Business Bureau honored Hoffmann Brothers as the best service company in St. Louis with their World-Class Customer Satisfaction Award.  

The company’s longevity and continuing successes over the years in HVAC Mechanical Services are a direct result of the company pursing goals of quality & efficient work. Our commitment, diverse experience, qualified staff and reputation for reliable and quality work will be a valuable asset to your project. Please contact Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors today at (314) 664-3536 or visit our contact us page.